Your sponsorship will:


- give the street children in Accra the opportunity to access education, better nutrition, clean drinking water and medical care.


- improve the living conditions of a whole community which, for a variety of reasons is condemned to poverty.


- contribute to making this world a bit better.


The donated money is deposited in a common fund that is used to cover the needs of all the children (health, food and education).  This is to avoid any differences in the level of support offered to individual children and to guarantee continued support should you choose to stop your sponsorship.


However, we will like to ask you to establish a personal relationship with your sponsored child in terms of sending him/her letters with pictures of you and your family, presents or anything else that you wish.


You can also check on him/her by calling us!


Also, you will receive a very warm welcome should you have the opportunity to visit Ghana.


For further information please contact us!!