THE SCHOOL is located in James Town one of the poorest districts in Accra. Location: Foresters Lodgde, Brazil Lane, Otublohum, James Town.


THE STAFF. There are 4 teachers one for each level of studies, 1 Secretary and a Cook.

Also teachers for each activity that the children are taken through. 




      -BEGINNERS CLASS. These are children who have never been to  school before, they learn for the first time the English alphabet and the numbers.


     -INTERMEDIATE 1-2 and INTERMEDIATE 3-4: These children learn two levels of basic compulsory subjects.


     -INTERMEDIATE 5-6. These children are prepared to go to formal school.


EXTRA CURRICULA ACTIVITIES. Vacation classes and extra curricula activities are held for the children even when school vacates in order to keep them busy and out of the streets and of trouble.


The activities include African Drumming & Dancing,  sports such as boxing and football. Also, tailoring and vocational training in the make of Arts and Krafts.